Fire & ALLIED PERILS Takaful (Property Takaful)

This is the most important form of Takaful which is essential for all types of business concerns.  Providing  covers  in  respect  of loss of or damage to the property against the following perils:
  • Fire & lightning - loss of or damage to the property (building,    stocks,    contents, furniture, fixture & fittings) directly caused by Fire & lightning.
  • Riot & Strike Endorsement  - loss of or damage to the property insured  (building, stocks,   contents,   furniture,   fixture & fittings) directly caused by the act of any person taking part together with others in any disturbance of the public peace.
  • Malicious Damage Endorsement - loss of  or  damage  to  the  property  insured (building,   stocks,   contents,   Furniture, fixture  &  fittings)  directly  caused  by  the malicious act of any person.
  • Atmospheric Disturbance Endorsement- loss or damage to the property (building, stocks,   contents,   furniture,   fixture   &fittings) directly caused by:-
  • Hail,  Snow,  Wind,  Hurricane,
  • Cyclone, Tornado; or Typhoon and/or,
  • B. Rain
  • C.  Flood
  • Earthquake  Fire  &  Shock -  loss  or damage (including loss or damage by fire) to  any  of  the  property  insured  (building, stocks,   contents,   furniture,   fixture   &fittings)  by  this  policy  occasioned  by  or through or in consequence of Earthquake.
  • Standard Explosion - loss or damage to the property insured by fire  or otherwise directly caused by explosion, but excluding loss of or damage to boilers, economisers, or other vessels, machinery or apparatus in which pressure is used or their contents resulting from their explosion.
  • Impact Damage - loss or damage to theproperty insured (building,stocks,contents,   furniture,   fixture   &   fittings) directly  caused  by  impact  damage  by Vehicles  resulting  from  actual  physical contact  of  vehicles  or  with  the  building containing  the  property  covered  there under.
  • Aircraft Damage Endorsement - loss or damage to the property insured (building, stocks, contents,   furniture,   fixture   &fittings)  directly  caused  by  Aircraft  and other   aerial   devices   and/or   articles dropped there from.
Electrical Clause ‘B’- loss or damage by fire   to   the   electrical   appliances   and installations insured by item of this policy arising from or occasioned by overrunning excessive    pressure,    short    circuiting,  self-heating or leakage of electricity from whatever cause (lightning included). Burglary - Loss  of  or  damage  to  the insured contents  as  a  result  of  (a)  theft involving entry to or exit from the premises by forcible and violence means (b) hold-up by   violence   to   the   insured   or   his employees.