Sindh is one of the provinces of Pakistan and historically home to the Sindhi people. It is also locally known as the "Mehran" and has been given the title of Bab-ul-Islam (The gateway of Islam). As per last conducted Census of Pakistan indicated a population of 50 million. Just under half of the population are urban dwellers, mainly found in Karachi, Hyderabad, Sukkur, Mirpurkhas, Nawabshah District, Umerkot and Larkana. Sindhi is the sole official language of Sindh since the 19th century. Sindh is the 2nd most populous entity after Punjab. The provincial capital of Sindh is Karachi. The government is presided over by the Chief Minister of Sindh.

On April 20, 2010, Pakistan’s parliament passed a landmark consensus constitutional amendment to restore Pakistan’s constitution to its original intent of a decentralized federation of provinces. Sindh Bank started its operations in year 2010. It was a success story. Now the  Government of Sindh (GOS), has taken yet another leap forward by launching the formation of Sindh Leasing Company Limited, Sindh Modaraba Management Limited and Sindh Insurance Company Limited. The leasing company would supplement the activities in the financial sector by assisting the small entrepreneurs, offering Finance Lease, Operating Lease, Factoring and Working capital finance for small entities. Sindh Modarba Company would be managing a multipurpose Modaraba catering to small businessmen interested in availing Shariah compliant Islamic modes of financing, like: Ijarah Financing, Modaraba Financing, Musharika Financing and Commodity Financing. In order to cater Insurance need for huge assets owned and financed by GOS, its autonomous bodies Sindh Insurance was also launched with capital of Rs. 500 million.