Sindh Window Takaful Limited has been incorporated under the Companies Ordinance, 1984 as public limited company and not listed to any stock exchange. It is wholly owned by Government of Sindh. Sindh Bank Limited, Sindh Leasing Company Limited and Sindh Modaraba Management Limited are associated companies.

Sindh Window Takaful Limited has been licenced to transact all classes of non-life insurance business in Pakistan and any part of the world as prescribed in Insurance Ordinance, 2000, since its registration as non-life insurance company with the Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan from August, 2014. The authorized and paid-up capital of the company is Rs. 500 million. The registered office/Head office the company is situated in Karachi.

The Company have developed comprehensive operational system and providing matchless services with state of the Art on-line I.T. System across the country.

The mission of company is to maximize market through adoption of comprehensive conventional and non-conventional distribution strategy by marketing innovative insurance products. Sindh Insurance seeks to bring banking, leasing and insurance together in offering comprehensive financial solutions, to better service the customers.

Sindh Window Takaful Limited has developed strength in both the personal (esp. Micro Insurance) and Commercial Lines.

The team of Sindh Window Takaful is driven by the basic principles of integrity, coherence, honesty and trust and each of them is committed to create an ethical corporate environment that covers the core values of respect and righteousness.